Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our good news...

A belated happy New Year to all!

2011 is here, lets make it count.

So, I'd promised some good news. We wanted to make sure of some of it before sharing it here, but now its time.

The Hayden Family Foundation has granted 25,000 USD to the Whale Like Me production. In a single sweep, they have provided us with almost a quarter of our shooting budget. Everyone here is immensely grateful for their generosity, and honored by the trust and appreciation the Hayden Family Foundation has for our work.

We also have the pleasure of welcoming Gina Ross to our team, as a producer. Gina has 8 years of production experience, and previously 11 years in various marketing executive roles at Disney and Nickelodeon. She joins EP Vincent Burke of Top Shelf productions, and EP Don Reynolds – both veteran documentary and long form producers.

This was apparently not quite enough: we also had to launch the Whale Like Me short film competition.

Whether you are for or against whaling, we want your short films to bear witness to how the world views whales and dolphins and our relationship with them, in 2011.

There’s more to tell about the competition – we’re really excited about it and we insist you find out why!

I’ll wax lyrical about it in the next post – for now you can check it out at: