Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whale Like Me Short Film Contest

So the contest is on!

What does whaling mean to you? Are you for or against it? Why? How do you view our relationship with whales? Your film should explore some of these questions, and will shine light on how close we are to - or how far from - accepting cetaceans into our circle of kinship.

For the first time in history, a global community seems close to seeking protection and inalienable rights for a non-human order of species - Cetacea: whales and dolphins.

Whether you see whales as 'persons' deserving of rights, or as consumable resources - join us in presenting to the world how humans view whales in 2011.

Deadline for submissions is now April 20th 2012. Our Awards event will take place May 22nd 2012, anniversary date of the Declaration of Cetacean Rights.

In the coming weeks we'll have a number of announcements to make about the contest, including contest partners and prizes.

You can come like our contest Facebook page to stay on top of developments:

If you intend to participate, you can add yourself to our Whale of Fame wall by sending us a picture of yourself and a brief note on what moves you to make a short film. Send these to

The question of rights for non-human persons is an important step on the road to defining the value of our environment, and to becoming a mature and balanced species. The Whale of Fame wall will serve as a historical record of those who got involved early by lending their voices to this process of reconsidering our relationship towards cetaceans - whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Whether your film is funny or serious, for or against whaling, humble or ambitious - we want to know how you feel about whales today!