Monday, August 2, 2010

Whale Like Me in the press

The past few weeks have been busy for Whale Like Me.

A fair amount of interest has been expressed by the press, even at this early stage. Here are some links to an article by The Australian’s Tokyo correspondent Rick Wallace, and follow up article by Elizah Leigh:

We will conduct a radio interview with Radio Australia soon – more news on that to come shortly if you want to tune in.

This is exciting in and of itself, but all the more so because we are saving a lot of the most interesting aspects of the film for later (else why would anyone watch the film). If the generic overview we can give of the project at this early stage is raising eyebrows, we feel confident the film will surpass expectations.

We are very busy at present in Tokyo, but Hideki has started to provide for press coverage in Japan. Our project seeks to provide more balance to this issue, and it is important that the Japanese press be able to comment since commentary has started overseas.

We remain in need of your support – your donations make all the difference.

Please use our crowd-sourcing tools to donate and spread the word:

Whale Like Me aims to unlock the stalemate: we cannot accomplish this adventure of experience exchange and dialogue without your help.

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